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Today’s dinner:
- grilled shio-koji-marinated salmon collar
- natto
- yam
- stir-fried chive and eggs
- rice
- pumpkin with nuts
- miso soup

#japanesefood #shiokoji #fermentation

Cooking kimchi jjim for tomorrow dinner. The pork had been marinated in shio koji overnight. We found that this dish tastes better when it’s made the day before. I’ll add some shio koji at the end and let it rest in the fridge overnight to develop flavor.

#koreanfood #kimchijjim

Today’s dinner:
- sauteed shio-koji-marinated chicken with gravy
- sourdough bread
- stir-fried veggies and squid

Adding shio koji to my beef tendon curry for tomorrow dinner. Overnight, the shio koji will make the meat even softer and create more umami!

#shiokoji #japanesefood #fermentation

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