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I've been studying photography recently, as I really want to improve the quality of my content. Do you like this picture that I took? 🙂

Today we had some fish for dinner😎🐟🐟🐟 We eat fish once or twice a week. We love it. It’s quick and easy to prepare, healthy, and delicious. How often do you eat fish?


We had seafood nabe (pot) tonight. Delicious and nourishing!☺️ The white brain-looking thing in the center of the pot is fish milt (shirako). I know it looks and sounds weird but actually it’s creamy and delicious. We also had some shio-koji-marinated sashimi.


I made Swedish meatballs for the first time. It was delicious! We loved it! Thank you so much for the wonderful recipe, Swedish people👏🥰


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