sakura yubi

Hi! 😊 My name is Sakura Yubi (優美桜) and I’m a Japanese woman who lives in Tokyo.

I have an office job and used to commute by subway, but I’ve been working from home since the COVID-19 pandemic.

My passion is cooking and eating food. And I love sharing this passion with my partner. He really enjoys my food.

I also enjoy listening to music (my favorites are classical piano music, calm BGM, and BTS songs), watching YouTube videos and movies, and spending time with my partner.

My first encounter with shio koji was when I came across a simple recipe for spare ribs marinated in shio koji. I was blown away by the way that shio koji not only seasoned the meat well but also made the meat super soft and juicy!

I quickly fell in love with this magical seasoning and now I use it almost every time I cook.

It has helped me level up my cooking so much, and I want everyone in the world to know about it. 

So I will share with you a wonderful world of cooking with shio koji. Stay tuned! 😊💗

spare ribs marinated with shio koji